European Skeptics Congress 2019

speakers list

European skeptics – a 30 years retrospective

chair: Tim Trachet

  • To be confirmed

The never-ending struggle against quackery

chair: Wietse Wiels and Catherine de Jong

  • Prof. Dr. Edzard Ernst

  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Vogelaers

  • To be confirmed

  • To be confirmed

Anomalistic Psychology

chair: TBD

  • Prof. Christine Mohr from Switzerland

  • Dr. Vanessa Charland-Verville from Belgium

  • Prof. Chris French (U.K.)

Green skepticism

chair: Amardeo Sarma

  • Iida Ruishalme (Finland, Switzerland)

  • Mathijs Beckers (Netherlands)

  • Kavin Senapathy (USA)

  • André Fougeroux (France)

How con men operate

chair: TBD

  • Prof. Dr. Sophie van der Zee (Erasmus University Rotterdam) : How con men operate in cyberspace

  • Johan Braeckman (Ghent University): Con men in the art world

  • Ingeborg Jeandarme (University of Leuven): Con men in prison